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What is Taijiwuxigong?
  Who is it suitable for?

Spontaneous movement
  Reactions and results

  Wuxi stance
  Wuxi daoyin
  Sound exercise

Causes of illnesses
  The double vicious circle

Prevention and healing
  Correction of body posture
  Expelling Binqi

Stages of development
  Activation of the Dantian
  Cleansing of energy channels
  Spiritual development

  Longmen Wuxigong

Level 1
Activating the lower Dantian

Activating the lower Dantian
(stage 1)

Energy flows back to the Dantian

Activating the lower Dantian and supplying it with force is the preliminary step in all energy work. There are three methods for activating the Dantian:

  1. ‘Kissing’ the Dantian
  2. Deep breathing
  3. Mental concentration

‘Kissing’ the Dantian

The first technique is based on making the centre of gravity of the body meet the Dantian. This is called: "kissing the Dantian". We use a specific body position to bring the centre of gravity down to let it coincide with the Dantian. This method is used in the Wuxi stance and in all Daoyin.

Deep breathing

The second technique is based on deep breathing. The movement of the diaphragm influences the abdominal pressure, activating the Dantian. We use this method in the Wuxi lying down exercise and in some Daoyin.

Mental concentration

The third techniqie is based on mental concentration. We simply think about the Dantian and as our thoughts move there, it activates the Dantian. In earlier writings this method was called ‘Chang’, which means “to hide the thoughts”. This method is used in the Wuxi-sitting posture and in a few Daoyin.

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