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What is Taijiwuxigong?
  Who is it suitable for?

Spontaneous movement
  Reactions and results

  Wuxi stance
  Wuxi daoyin
  Sound exercise

Causes of illnesses
  The double vicious circle

Prevention and healing
  Correction of body posture
  Expelling Binqi

Stages of development
  Activation of the Dantian
  Cleansing of energy channels
  Spiritual development

  Longmen Wuxigong

Who is Taijiwuxigong suitable for?

There are no age limitations for the practice of Taijiwuxigong. People from various professions and backgrounds practice this system and almost everyone has positive experiences after a short period of practice, such as:

  • mental clearness
  • development of artistic expression
  • enhancement of physical capabilities
  • a general sense of comfort and happiness.

Many professions in modern life lead to a poor body posture, working behind a desk, on a computer, driving or operating machinery with repetitive physical movements. This often results in tension of the muscles, which in turn can cause deterioration of the body posture. This vicious circle finally leads to pain and complaints. The most common example of this is the group of people who sit behind their desk all day and develop “computer syndrome”. A similar pattern of complaints can also develop from mental or emotional stress.

Spontaneous movements, as taught within the Taijiwuxigong system are a very effective method for release of tension in the muscles and removal of related pathogenic factors. This prevents any further deterioration and can even make the complaints disappear.

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