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What is Taijiwuxigong?
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Spontaneous movement
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  Sound exercise

Causes of illnesses
  The double vicious circle

Prevention and healing
  Correction of body posture
  Expelling Binqi

Stages of development
  Activation of the Dantian
  Cleansing of energy channels
  Spiritual development

  Longmen Wuxigong


Nowadays, the Chinese concept of ‘Qi’ is known in the west. Note that the explanation sometimes differs from its meaning in China. Most people see Qi as a positive element and translate is as ‘vital energy’ of ‘force of life’. They assume that Qi enhances health and a long life. However, Qi is not just positive; it can also have a negative effect.

The term ‘Binqi’ is a collective name for negative factors that can cause discomfort and various complaints. When accumulated during a long period it can even cause illnesses. Binqi is a natural phenomenon: it is produced by the body every day. It consists of the by-products from metabolism and the nervous system, like chemical transmission substances. Under normal conditions, a healthy body expels these waste products in a natural way and one stays in balance and healthy. If the body is not healthy, Binqi is not removed completely and accumulates. A high concentration of Binqi can cause unpleasant sensations. Various symptoms can occur and later manifest as health problems.

The most important cause of stagnation and accumulation of Binqi is bad body posture. Parts of the body can become stressed. This particularly happens in the joints and around the vertebrae. The stressed areas have a diminished supply of body fluids. Consequently, Binqi can not be expelled effectively. This has three negative consequences:

  1. Accumulation of Binqi blocks the area, enhancing the stress and the bad posture.
  2. The functioning of the nerves and blood vessels in the stressed area deteriorates. The connected organs are influenced negatively by this.
  3. Energy channels and circulations are blocked, affecting the self-curative capabilities of the body.

In addition to breaking the double vicious circle, the removal of accumulated Binqi is an important point of attention for Taijiwuxigong practice. Especially for beginners this is a vital element. By the removal of Binqi, sensations of discomfort can decrease and even vanish completely.

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