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What is Taijiwuxigong?
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Spontaneous movement
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Causes of illnesses
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Prevention and healing
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Stages of development
  Activation of the Dantian
  Cleansing of energy channels
  Spiritual development

  Longmen Wuxigong

Level 2
Cleansing the energy channels

The goal of the second level is to further strengthen the Dantian force and to learn to control and direct this force. In specific exercises Dantian force is used to cleanse the differen energy channels and their branches (meridians). When all channels are clean, the last stage of this level can be reached: full Dantian rotation. In this stage the practitioner obtains what we call a "complete body".

Up and down movement in the Zhong Mai
(stage 2)

Up and down movement in the Zhong Mai

As the diaphragm moves up and down, the pressure in the abdominal and chest cavities is alternately increased and decreased. This creates a force that moves up and down the central channel between the lower Dantian and the middle Dantian.

After more exercise, the force becomes stronger. In the beginning the force travels upwards as far as the middle Dantian. There it usually stops because in most people the central channel is blocked at the level of the heart. This force creates a specific spontaneous movement indicating that one is at that stage.

Opening the Zhong Mai
(stage 3)

Opening the Zhong Mai

When the internal force develops more and more it will go up the central channel and pass through the three Dantian and through the middle of the front fontanel, thus opening the central channel. When this happens the central channel is unblocked and the force can move freely in and out.




Small circulation
(stage 4)

Small circulation

If the internal force moves down the front channel, contacts the back channel and then flows upward repeatedly, a circulation between these two channels is activated. In animals this energy circulation normally occurs. As humans, unlike animals, spend most of their waking lives in an upright position, the vertebra in the lower back tend to become compressed, stopping the flow of energy. The circulation through the front and back channels can be restored through deep breathing and exercises that open the lower back.

During spontaneous movement the earth force lengthens the spinal column; which may make some people kneel on the ground, with the upper part of the body bent forward and the head touching the ground. Whatever spontaneous movement takes place, the front part of the body becomes shorter, with the back lengthening. This movement connects the front and back channels and activates the circulation in them.

The left/right circulation
(stage 5)

Left/right circulation

The right channel passes through the right lung, liver, gallbladder, right adrenal gland, right kidney and intestines. The left channel passes through the left lung, the spleen, left adrenal gland, left kidney and intestines. Both channels are very important in creating energy contact between the organs.

Very few people have movement in these two channels. During spontaneous movement internal force is sent through these channels and at a certain moment the circulation between them is activated.

Rotation of the Dantian
(stage 6)

Dantian rotation

At some point during the circulation in the left and right channels, the movement through the different organs may create a rather loud sound, different from peristaltic noises. At this level, for some people, it can result in in diarrhoea. This is not a sign of illness but simply a thorough cleansing of the intestines. After this diarrhoea phase, during spontaneous movement while lying down, it can happen that the belly extends greatly and then completely contracts, almost as if it could touch the spinal column. This may be repeated several times. Afterwards the belly feels very relaxed. At that moment the practitioner can feel the rotation of the Dantian in the belly.

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