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The double vicious circle

Scientific research points out that there is a direct correlation between malpositions in the spinal cord and various illnesses. An important cause of problems in the spinal cord is assuming a bad body posture for a long time. Dr. Shen names four elements that enhance each other and together form a vicious circle:

  1. Prolonged bad body posture increasing tension in the back.
  2. Diminishing of throughput of body fluids and neural signals in the blocked area.
  3. Accumulation of pathogenic factors causing complaints.
  4. Adaptation of body posture to the complaints, worsening the posture and intensifying the vicious circle.

The correlation shown above is called the vicious circle of bad body posture. This concept is the result of research on the use of Qigong to treat short-sightedness. Dr. Shen Hongxun performed this investigation in collaboration with Dr. Xia Tingyu. The results and accompanying theory were published in the Chinese journal ‘Qigong and science’ in 1985.

Then Dr. Shen discovered a second vicious circle. Not only physical aspects, like malposition of the back, but also negative emotions and mental stress can promote the production of negative factors in the body. These negative factors intensify emotional and mental stress. This is called the ‘vicious circle of mental stress’.

These two circles enhance each other; every element of one of the vicious circles reinforces the negative effect of both. The coupling of these two vicious circles forms the theory of the double vicious circle. Taijiwuxigong is based on this theory. The goal of practicing Taijiwuxigong is breaking the double vicious circle.

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