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What is Taijiwuxigong?
  Who is it suitable for?

Spontaneous movement
  Reactions and results

  Wuxi stance
  Wuxi daoyin
  Sound exercise

Causes of illnesses
  The double vicious circle

Prevention and healing
  Correction of body posture
  Expelling Binqi

Stages of development
  Activation of the Dantian
  Cleansing of energy channels
  Spiritual development

  Longmen Wuxigong

Longmen Wuxigong

Dr. Shen was taught Longmen Wuxigong by his grandfather Shen Baotai. As his grandfather was an only child and had a weak constitution his parents feared he might not have a long life. They, therefore, sent him to temples to pray God and Buddha for help. Also he studied the Taoist method of Longmen Wuxigong from a young age on a daily basis. As an adult he sometimes applied his knowledge to treat people with health problems. He did not do this professionally, as he was making his money in diamond trade.

Dr. Shen had a good relationship with his grandfather and spent a lot of time with him as a child. His grandfather encouraged him to join him in his daily meditation and shared his knowledge on Longmen Wuxigong. Being only a child, Dr. Shen was not very interested in this kind of knowledge at that time. However, later in his life, these conversations with his grandfather had a deep impact. Its influence is found in the name Taiji-wuxigong.

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