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What is Taijiwuxigong?
  Who is it suitable for?

Spontaneous movement
  Reactions and results

  Wuxi stance
  Wuxi daoyin
  Sound exercise

Causes of illnesses
  The double vicious circle

Prevention and healing
  Correction of body posture
  Expelling Binqi

Stages of development
  Activation of the Dantian
  Cleansing of energy channels
  Spiritual development

  Longmen Wuxigong

Control of Spontaneous Movement

Master Shen Jin demonstrates the  Chest Daoyin.

In a later stage, when the Dantian force has adequate strength, it can be directed through the Channels to push Binqi out of the body. This is directed spontaneous movement. The origin of the movement is still spontaneous, but the direction is consciously influenced by the mind. This technique is used in Daoyin exercises.

Stretching and Relaxation

The phrase 'stretching and relaxation' refers to the opening of the joints; by stretching the ligaments and relaxing the muscles the spaces in the joints are enlarged.

This enhances the flow of bodily fluids. It can also give direction to internal force and assist the removal of Binqi, for instance through the legs and feet or the arms and hands.

Mental Focus

Mental focus is used to direct internal force, mostly in a very subtle way. By bringing the point of focus to a faraway place, the internal force becomes stronger and can even be directed outside the body. This principle is used in the Buqi system for healing others. Naturally, the strengthening of the internal force is also beneficial for your own health.

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